Media: Chapter 5

Bringing together key tensions of the previous chapters, chapter 5, “Heritage Stories,” explores how festivals enact discrepant ideals of cultural citizenship. Throughout France, annual festivals dedicated to Django and his legacy are coordinated by an array of organizations. These festivals typically foreground Manouche performers and/or so-called Manouche aesthetic traits, resulting in both empowerment and exploitation of Manouche artists and their communities. I outline how endeavors to engage (or exclude) Manouche constituencies at several festivals reflect contrasting political and economic agendas, from those that seek to meaningfully involve Manouches to those that serve mainly to promote tourism. As frames for developing emplaced narratives about belonging, festivals materialize a variety of localized, future-oriented social imaginaries. Such visions for the future may seek to preserve the status quo of interracial power relations, or to reimagine the very terms of French cultural citizenship.


* Note: All media on this page was captured by Siv B. Lie unless otherwise credited.


Figure 2 (p. 155): Postcard for 2004 Festival Gipsy Swing. Image designed by Jean-François Orillon for the Service d’Accueil des Gens du Voyage “Les Perrins.”

APPONA’s Festival International Tzigane (pp. 159-67)

Image 5.1: Map of the Parc de la Citadelle (p. 159). Source: Google Maps.

Photo gallery 5.1: Festival brochures and publicity


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Photo gallery 5.2: Liner notes to Maré Sinté  album (pp. 164-6)


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The Festival Django Reinhardt (pp. 167-73)

Image 5.2: Map of the Île du Berceau (p. 170). Source: Google Maps.

Footage of the 1978 festival

Video 5.1: “Minor Swing,” performed by Svend Asmussen, Boulou Ferré, Elios Ferré and Louis Vola, at the 1978 edition of the Festival Django Reinhardt. Source: Teddy Dupont.

Festival Walk-through videos

Video 5.2: Footbridge to the Île du Berceau, June 2013.

Video 5.3: Vendor area, June 2013.

Video 5.4: Luthier tents and concessions, June 2013.

Luthier stands

Video 5.5: Young guitarists jamming and onlookers, June 2013.

Video 5.6: L to R: Billy Weiss, Olli Soikkeli, and Adrien Marco jamming to “Webster,” June 2013. 

Homages to Django (p. 168)

Image 5.3: Statue of Django in Samois-sur-Seine. Photo credit: Meet Me at Samois: A Documentary.

Figure 3 (p. 168): Ceremony at the grave of Django Reinhardt, Samois-sur-Seine, 1 July 2012.

Samoreau (pp. 171-2)

Audio example 5.1: The sounds of a late-night jam session.


Video 5.7: Jam on “I’ll See You in My Dreams.” Some of the musicians include Sébastien Giniaux, Mathieu Chatelain, and Noé Reinhardt (guitars), and William Brunard (bass). June 2014.

Further information about recent and upcoming festival programming can be found on the Festival Django Reinhardt website.

The Festival Jazz Manouche de Zillisheim (pp. 173-81)

Image 5.3: Map of the festival site at Zillisheim. Source: Google Maps.

Figure 4 (p. 174): Map of the Festival Jazz Manouche de Zillisheim.

Photo gallery 5.3: A tour of the Zillisheim festival space


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Luthier stands
Luthier stands (image 5.4)

Image 5.4: The luthier stands in 2013.

Luthier stands (image 5.5)

Image 5.5: The luthier stands in 2014.

Luthier stands (image 5.6)

Image 5.6: An evening jam at the stands in 2014.

Luthier stands (image 5.7)

Image 5.7: Children at the stands in 2014.

Video 5.8: View from the luthier stand. 2013.

Photo gallery 5.4: Performances at the 2013 festival


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Concert videos from the 2013 festival

Video 5.9: “Coquette,” performed by Yorgui Loeffler (guitar), William Brunard (bass), and Stochelo Rosenberg (guitar).

Video 5.10: “Minor Swing,” performed by, L to R: Dorado Loeffler, Hugo, Fléco Lafertin, Yorgui Loeffler, Magnio Loeffler, William Brunard (bass), Stochelo Rosenberg, Zaïti Lafertin, and Billy Weiss.

Concert videos from the 2014 festival

Video 5.11: “Hungaria,” performed by (L to R) Djanito Félix, Esteban Félix (bass), Youri Félix, and Sébastien Félix.

Video 5.12: “Sweet Georgia Brown,” performed by (L to R) Dorno Loeffler, Christophe Reinhardt (bass), Fléco Lafertin, and Zaïti Lafertin. Dorno was the brother of Mito Loeffler, and Fléco and Zaïti are Mito’s sons.

Video 5.13: The Gypsy Kids, featuring (L to R) Hugo, Julien Moneret (bass), Magnio Loeffler, and Mickey, performing an original composition by Magnio Loeffler.

Further information about the Festival Jazz Manouche de Zillisheim, including media, can be found on its website. Numerous videos are available on YouTube, including the channel of André “Rollmops” Berger. Rollmops also created a tribute to Mito Loeffler on his website